Leak Repair By Plumbers:

If you want a leak fixed the first time, have a plumber do it.  Inside or out, we can take care of any leak you have, including your gas line. Sometimes the most difficult part of repairing a leak, is finding the leak!!!  With experience and technology on our side, we'll track down the leak and take care of the problem.

If a leak goes undetected for an extended period of time, mold will start to develop.  Mold can make your entire family ill.  The problem with illness caused by mold is that your doctor may not be able to diagnose the cause.

Things To Look For: 

  • Discoloration on your drywall.
  • Polyurethane on baseboard turning white.
  • Discoloration on carpet near a wall (will also be wet).
  • If you see darkness in your light colored carpet in the wet area, it's probably mold.
  • If in your basement/game room, look for wet ceiling tile.

Sometimes leaks start as a house settles.

Gas Line Leaks:

A gas line leak can be very dangerous.  Kaule Plumbing & Heating will use leak detectors to trace and repair any gas line leak, inside or out.  If you need a gas line installed for a fireplace or a grill, we've got you covered.


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