Soft Water System Install in the Pittsburgh Area:

Kaule Plumbing & Heating can install your new Soft Water system and any other peripheral item such as an inline filter system or UV Water Treatment system.

  • Benefits of a Soft Water System:
    1. Soft water helps to clean your cloths better in the washing machine with less soap.
    2. Taking a shower with soft water is very enjoyable as well.  Again, it takes less soap.  You may feel a bit slippery after rinsing, this means the soap is actually rinsed.
    3. Soft water will also actually reverse the build up of the deposits left behind in your plumbing by hard water.
    4. You will also get a longer life out of your hot water tank.


  • Inline Water Filter System:
    • Kaule Plumbing & Heating can install an inline water filter system at the source where your water enters your home.  We will also install a filtration system at your drinking water source.  If you have a well, it is imperative that you have a filtration system.


  • UV Water Treatment Systems:
    • If you have a well, you may want to consider having a UV Water Treatment System installed.  Wells sometimes have bacteria that can harm people who may not be use to drinking your water.  First, you can have your water tested.  If you live in Allegheny County, you may have the Allegheny County Health Department test it for you.  When you receive your test results and they show bacteria, all is not lost.  Have Kaule Plumbing & Heating install a UV Water Treatment System and have the water retested.  More often than not, your water will then be cleaner than water from a public utility.


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